What is influencer

Influencer is a person who influenced people about anything like fashion,lifestyle,Technology etc.
influencer marketing is used by the so many brands for product marketing .

There are so many influencer platform who collaborate with many brands. The company run campign for marketing of product with the help of influencer. The influencer is person who have more number of followers on social media.There are 4 types of influencer.


  1. Mega influencer
  2. Macro influencer
  3. Micro influencer
  4. Nano influencer

What is a mega influencer

The mega influencer is a type of influencer who have more than 1 million followers on social media. like celebrity,model,actor,actress etc.The big brands use celebrity influencer for their marketing of product as the celebrity have more intent to influence and also provide lot of reach in one post.
Their content can reaches a more audience.As mega influencer charges more for one sponsor post so only the brand who has big marketing budget only they can use mega influencer.

What is macro influencer

Next are the macro influencer who have 100,000 to 1 million followers on social media.The macro influencers are who are famous on social media by uploding some dance video or short videoes.Or it may be social media star who has big followers list.They often have large audience and work well for brands.You can think about macro influencer as a mini celebrity.Macro influencer reach significantly more audience than micro influencer.The macro influencer gives big advantage to the brands for maximize visibility of their campign.

What is micro influencer

Micro influencers are individual that have no. of followers between 1000-1,000,00 and they are expert in their respective niche.They could be food blogger,travel blogger,fashion influencer or fitness influencer.The cost of this influencer depends on quality of their content and the no. followers they have engagement of this influencer is a huge benifit.

What is nano influencer

The nano influencer are who have less than 1000 followers but have good attraction with their follower.And their content quality is also high.They work with brands with partnering with them.They are cost effective and authentic.The nano influencer use by brands when brands want good return of their investment. 

List of the influencer marketing platform

  1. Influencer.in
  2. HYPR
  3. Upfluence
  4. Neoreach
  5. Revfluence
  6. Plixxo
  7. Tribe
  8. Captiv8
  9. Openinfluence
  10. Hype Auditor

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