How to start blog in 2020

How to start blog
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How to start a blog is a question that so many people have in their minds who are curious about starting a blog and share their personal thoughts with everyone. But they don't have a proper guide to start blogging.

So here I have a beginner guide for blogging who wants to start blogging. There is so much information available on the internet. But everyone is telling different things so always confuse with what is a starting point to start blogging.

I am also a new blogger I also have the same question in mind as yours. But I know the basic things which are needed to start blogging that is I am going to share with you. In today's internet world the competition in blogging is high there are so many bloggers on the internet.

But who works hard and smart his blog is getting more exposure on the internet. To rank, the blog on 1st page of google everyone is working hard.

How to start a blog is the question of many people having in their mind who is reading this blog. But before that, you should ask a question to yourself why should I start blogging.

There is a reason to start blogging as you want to share your thoughts or some people want to earn money from that. First, decide this why do you want to start blogging. So I am going to tell you to step by step process of set up your first blog.

Things we will cover in this guide:

1. Choose a perfect blogging platform
2. How to set up your blog
3. How to apply theme
4. Conclusion

So let's jump to the step 1

1. Choose a perfect blogging platform

So the first step of starting a blog is selecting the perfect blogging platform. There are so many platforms available on the internet that offer the best services like blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, and many more.

So I will suggest you choose a blogger or WordPress. Because these two platforms are the best platforms to start a blog.

In the blogger, you will have to purchase a domain but you don't need to get hosting because the blogger is free hosted by Google itself. But if you choose WordPress you will have to buy hosting for your website.

If you are looking for non hosted website then both platforms offer free blogging. Then you don't need to buy a domain you will get Blogspot and WordPress extension.

The blogger is the best platform for beginners as its easy to understand and start. But you will not get so many customization options for this as WordPress offers more customization and plugin option.

If your goal is short term blogging then you should go for blogger and if your goal is long term then you choose WordPress. Because WordPress gives more websites to the internet and so many bloggers and brands also use WordPress. I personally use a blogger. but you can migrate any time from blogger to WordPress

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In this article, I will show you the setup of blogger

So let's get started with blogger first,

2. Setup your blog 

In the blogger, you will see first a sign-in page where you have to sign in with your email id after that you will see the box which lets you choose the title of your blog and themes option as you can see in the picture. 

How to start blog
Source: Blogger

       There are so many options for the theme you can choose and can change it later. After that, you will see a new window. In that you can see options available on the left side like posts, stats, comments, earning, theme, layout, and settings.

As you can see the option of the new post you can start writing a new post from that. In the layout section, you can change the layout of your website as there are customization options available.
In the settings section, you will see the option of changing the title and set up a third-party URL or domain. After purchasing a domain you can set up your domain in blogger.

How to start blog
Source: Blogger
Now let's move to WordPress setup. WordPress setup is also easy you can download from their website and can install. In WordPress after login with your email id, you will see a page like below.

How to start blog
Source: Wordpress

As you can see I have created a WordPress blog just to show you how the WordPress home page looks. As I have told you earlier the WordPress offers so many customization options as you can see in the left section.

WordPress is not only a blog platform it is also a content management system. And provide 37% website to the internet. WordPress is a powerful platform for bloggers who are looking for long term aim.

As it provides so many plugins to make your work easier. You can see in the tools section there are plugins, import, export, marketing, and other option. In the customization section, you see the customize and theme options. In the customize you can edit your layout of the website.

3. How to apply Theme 

In the blogger, there are so many options to change the theme at free of cost. But if you are looking for more themes you can download for websites like sabmera, Weebly, colorlib, and many more you can search on the web. But in WordPress, there are not many themes available on that platform but you can download from the web.

To change the theme of the website in blogger you have to go in the theme section and select the themes and if you want to apply the downloaded theme you have to click on backup and restored option and choose a downloaded file from your computer.

WordPress does the same thing to change the theme that will give your website a fresh and new look.
There are not so many options available on that but you can download 1000 WordPress themes. 

4. Conclusion

As you have got the full idea about blogging and their platforms which is better for you. I will recommend you if you are a beginner you should go blogger platform because it gives you the ease of you and you will understand quickly.

The blogger is the best platform to start for short term blogging or if you want to start blogging just to share your thoughts. But if you are looking for a longterm goal and want to become a fulltime professional blogger then go for WordPress. I hope that you have got your answer for How to start a blog.

Lets covered one more thing in that

Why you should start blogging

Blogging becomes a powerful community to share your thoughts, Knowledge with the world to get exposure on yourself. It connects you with people in the world to increase your knowledge and help the people who are finding an answer to their questions on the internet. You can become the best writer and the main thing you can make money from it.

So if you have any question you can ask me in the comment section 

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