Alternatives of youtube you should know

Alternatives of youtube

Most of the people are making videoes like challenging, vlogging, comedy, and any others. To upload this type of video they move to the biggest platform that is called youtube. The people share this video with the help of youtube. But there are alternatives of youtube that also perform better.

The youtube has so many users worldwide and one of the top video sharing platform. Even you can make money with youtube.

You can learn so much from youtube related to any topic like lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and so much ton of knowledge available on youtube.

It is also most frequently use the mobile application in smartphones. Watching videoes and enjoying songs is a better way of entertaining yourself.

But you don't know the youtube also has a competitor in the video industry that let youtube to the slowdown.

They are the alternatives of youtube that is special and unique in their own view. Some content creators are started moving to these alternatives.

But you have a question when you have the best video platform then why you should move to these youtube alternatives. The answer to this question you will find in the below paragraph.

Why you will need these youtube alternatives

  • Suspending user account without any reason
  • You can't get your account back
  • Their infamous comment section

Best youtube alternatives

We have sorted out some of the best alternatives of youtube for you. So let's get started.

1. Dailymotion
2. Vimeo
3. Vevo
4. Metacafe
5. Flickr
6. Veoh

1. Dailymotion

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Dailymotion

Many people know about this video streaming site or the platform. The first and best replacement of the youtube is Dailymotion. If you are finding the best alternative to youtube then the first preference I will give to you is Dailymotion.

The Dailymotion is a very old video streaming platform that is used by the users. And it also offers same type of layout and categories as youtube. Why this is the best alternative of youtube then the answer is It does not have so many rules and terms for removing the video.

Ease of use and you will quickly get understand to it because of the same layout they offer. But it also has some drawbacks like uploading high definition video limited for only pro users. The Dailymotion is the best alternative after youtube.

2. Vimeo- The best alternative of youtube

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Vimeo

We have found another best alternative of youtube is Vimeo. This video streaming platform is best for filmmakers and content creators to show their talent and encourage them by giving the best experience and smooth performance.

It also has a beautiful interface at its homepage to attract users to use this platform. When you are watching a clip on the Vimeo you can only focus on enjoying the video because it removes distracting elements from the background and removes nonsense elements.

Here are also some drawbacks like there is the limit for the uploader to upload video up to 500mb in a week. But you can increase this limit by upgrading up to 2gb. Everything is well categorized in the video format.

3. Vevo

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Vevo

The people who are love to listen to music video then the Vevo is just perfect for you. This is the best alternative of youtube to enjoy the music video. It will give you the best and faster experience to enjoy your video.

If you are finding an endless supply of music videoes then don't think too much about which one will be best just go to Vevo and get addicted to the lyrics of the music. The beautiful user interface is just out of the world.

It will offer you high-quality video to enjoy endless best video performance. But the major drawback of this platform is it does not allow you to upload your own video that disappoints some content creators when they listen to this. But its best music therapy for some people who love to see music videoes.

4. Metacafe

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Metacafe

Another alternative is Metacafe, It is a community that offers short length videos. The short length means you can make a video up to 90 seconds. It means you can find a shorten but meaningful and high-quality content.

It does not have the capacity to compete with youtube when things come on making views. But it can attract 40 million views in a month. That is quite enough for the short clip creators. Everything is properly categorized as per the topic.

The Metacafe is best for the creators who make short videoes like comedy, cinematic scenes, and many others. So if you are looking for a short video uploading alternative of youtube then Metacafe will be perfect for you.

5. Flickr

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Flickr

So many people are thinking that Flickr is a new platform in the video industry but you are wrong Flickr is a very old video platform started by yahoo. And so many of you are known it for photo sharing but you can also share video in this.

In the free account, you can only upload video limit of 90 seconds. But if you want to upload the big size of a file then you need to get paid subscription for that. Yes, it still needs some improvement. But if you are satisfied with this 90 seconds limit then you will love this alternative quickly.

Flickr is attract users with their stunning user interface and make them feel free to use it without any obstacles. This is the best part of this alternative it did your work without any disturbance and provide high-quality video.

6. Veoh

Alternatives of youtube
Source: Veoh

The perfect youtube alternative is Dailymotion and the second is Veoh. Because it lets you upload long videoes, music, and many more things. You can upload any size of the file with Veoh. In the above section, we have seen some platforms with short video uploading limit but in this, you can enjoy full-length movies and also short movies.

The perfect design and no of the user are also good for this platform. But when the thing comes on the user interface it's not very much better. It still needs some improvement. It can generate up to 3 million-plus viewers in the month. 

It allows the user to watch studio content, independent production, and user-generated material. Veoh make it easy to watch long-time videoes and the good alternative of the youtube.


Everyone knows about Instagram the famous photo-sharing app. But you can also upload long size videoes on that with their own video sharing platform called IGTV. Yes, Instagram now allows you to upload long videoes with this platform.

They make this video sharing platform for especially using smartphones. And also a new thing about it offers you to watch vertical videoes that seem something different from any other video sharing platform.

It is available for everyone who has an Instagram account free of cost. The use of this is a very easy just search for the video you want to watch and then it will show you the best feed related to your content that you are searching for.


So here are the best alternatives of youtube that will need you for your work purpose. In my own view if you are finding long size video upload size then go for Vimeo or Dailymotion. But if you are looking for short videoes then Vevo will be perfect for you.

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