Top 7 blog submission sites in 2020

blog submission sites

Every blogger who started his blog and looking for the blog submission sites then you are at the right place. You will get all the blog submission sites with high domain authority(DA) and also get to learn why this you should submit this blog to these sites.

The people who are started their blog and always have curious about getting traffic and quality links. Getting quality backlinks is part of good SEO. These links help you to rank on google.

So much of people think that the searching right keyword will help them to get traffic but you are wrong creating high-quality backlinks from high authority blogs to help you to increase traffic and organic search of your blog.

You always see these high authority sites like shoutmeloud, Techradar, and so many other respected blogs rank higher on google for a keyword with more difficulty because they get a ton of backlinks from the other sites.

In this article, we are going to see some of these blog submission sites with high DA that will help you to build high-quality links for your blog. We have sorted out some of the best blog submission directories for you so let's get started.

Before moving to this site we will learn what is this blog submission sites and why it's necessary to submit your blog post to these sites.

What is this blog submission sites

The blog directories are the sites that hold so many blog posts and give them high-quality backlinks and traffic.

These blog directories have high domain authority and getting backlinks from these sites increases the exposure of your blog.

Submitting to the sites that do not have high authority affects your blog exposure and you will not get proper results as you want and it also makes your website authority down.

What you will get for submitting a blog to this blog directories 

The first thing you will get is a high-quality backlink These links will help you with the SEO of your blog. To rank higher on google these links will help you build backlinks.

The good gesture of starting a blog to present in front of the world but not all the blogs are come up with this because they don't have high authority. That's why by submitting your blog to this blog directories increase your domain authority. This domain authority will help in ranking.

The third reason is getting traffic and exposure to new blogs. So many people come on these directories to read something useful and different content if they find your article useful then they will redirect to your blog. In this way, you can get traffic and more exposure also.

So let's get started with top blog submission sites

1. Alltop

One of the famous directories and well-known site is Alltop. So much of the bloggers are used this blog directory to get more traffic and exposure. And also for building high-quality backlinks.

The Alltop has domain authority (DA) of 69. That's a good score for the bloggers and getting backlinks from these authority sites give you more traffic and exposure.

The famous blogs like Techcrunch and Theverge are also submitting their blog to this blog submission sites.

You can find any type of niche article on this directory and this blog receives so much of traffic in a month,

You just have to sign up and submit your RSS feed to this blog then you will receive a confirmation email then your blog will be live on the Alltop.

2. Blog Engage

The other best blog directory to submit your blog. It's a very high authority community where you can get high-quality backlinks and traffic.

The domain authority (DA) of this directory is 45. There are so many bloggers who promote their blog here to get more exposure to their blog.

This blog submission site can help you to increase the authority of your blog to rank higher on google.

But this directory is not free. They will charge some money to promote your blog the pricing of their directory is given below.

There are 3 plans 

  • Platinum: This plan will cost you up to $25
  • Business: This plan will cost you for $75
  • Direct to the front page: This plan will cost $175 

3. Blogarama

The blogarama holds a domain authority of 62. That's a good number to get more exposure to our blog and building backlinks.

Blogarama is a very old community that helps the new bloggers to get traffic and increase the authority of their domain.

This directory allows you to post your blog at free of cost. This blog has a big list of all the topics like tech, entertainment, arts, and many more. So no doubt that this blog submission site will give you the freedom of getting quality backlinks in any niche.

4. Blog Flux

The blog flux is also a very old blog directory that featuring right now a 157000 blogs on their platform.

The domain authority of this blog is 52. This blog provides the best traffic as per your niche. If your niche is related to travel or health then you will get the best exposure from this blog submission site.

This directory will attract you with their other features like their themes, stats tracking, poll and the most interesting is quiz maker that's a very different part of it.

You can join this community free of cost. So go and just sign up to make your blog live on this directory.

5. Blog Ville

The domain authority of this blog directory is 26. And they are the latest blog submission site that allows you to submit your blog in any niche.

This directory will human-reviewed your blog and then they will live your blog. You can get a good amount of links and traffic from this blog directory. 

You will have to take some precautions before submitting your blog like submit appropriate content. And don't submit pages that contain any sales of a product they will not approve pages like this.

The best part of this blog directory is it based on the keyword it means your blog will show that your blog keywords contain.

6. Blog Adda

The blog directory has 52 domain authority. This blog directory is new and mostly used by bloggers. They show you the best-handpicked articles to get more exposure to your site.

Probably is the latest but has a big bloggers community. Building backlinks from these sites increase the authority of your site.

This directory is going to help you increase the exposure to your new blog. You don't need to provide your RSS blog link.

Just sign up and submit your blog home page link and then you will receive a confirmation email then you will be live on this blog submission site.

7. Blog Top Sites

One of the most popular blog submission directory active from 2004. And comes with domain authority of 52.

This directory allowed you to submit and increase the reach of your blog to millions of readers every month.

This blog submission site also helps you to increase your reader base and increase the social sharing of your article.


The final thoughts about blog submission sites are one of the best that every blogger use is Alltop. The Alltop is one of the best directories in this list.

It can help you increase your exposure, traffic, and authority of your new blog. I have present here the 7 best blog submission sites which help you in 2019.

So just go and share your blog to this all blog submission directory to improve your SEO score and increase the sales of your product.

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