10 on page seo techniques To Rank on The First Page

10 on page seo techniques To Rank on The First Page

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Everyone thinks that SEO is just about link building. But here the thing, Google wants to rank what's best for the users, The way you get to know what is best for your users is you survey them. By using tools like SurveyMonkey and you can find out what your users love and what they do.

By adapting your content, your services, your product is much more likely to get that traffic from Google because you are creating the best user experience. These days, Google looking at what's called user metrics.

Those are things like people coming to your site after they click. Or they search for a keyword. They click on your listing. And then they even look at how many of those people, a percentage of them, are clicking the back button right away. That tells Google, the people aren't liking what they are seeing.

They are also looking at things like time on site, bounce rates, pages per visitor, even how long your website takes to load. By surveying people, you will get whats ticking people off and why they are leaving or not buying from you. Fixing all of these things does just help improve your conversions, but it also helps improve your rankings in Google, because you are providing the best user experience.

Why On-page SEO is necessary:

Every person who started blog things that why his post is not showing on the first page of the search engine. He thinks that he had to write the best content and it will be automatically rank like content is king. But he is wrong yes the content is also important but if you are not done on-page SEO then your post will not rank on the search engine.

This is the biggest reason that your post is not ranking. If you properly do keyword research and on-page and off-page SEO then it will be rank in the first position and you will get targeted visitors to your blog.

If you are finding the best keyword research tool:
Now let's move to some on-page SEO techniques

1. Seo Friendly Title

The first step of on-page SEO is to write SEO friendly title. It is important to write the best catchy title to attract an audience and also a big factor affect on ranking.

The title is also an important term when looking at the ranking because the Google algorithm also includes the number of characters included in the title and also the ratio of the title.

Try to be kept the title in 60-65 characters. If your title is can attract more people the traffic and click will be increased. And it also helps in ranking.

You can use this title generator

2. Meta Description

This one is the second important factor of on-page SEO. Writing the best meta description of your keyword helps you in the ranking. Googles crawler also check your meta description to rank your post.

To make your description best include your targeted keyword in the first line and try to include it more times in the first two paragraphs.

You should write a unique and optimized description that explained your targeted keyword properly.
Include your targeted keyword in the meta description and make it bold and strong. 

3. Seo friendly URL

After completing your article then edit your blog post URL which we usually called permalink. It is important to include your targeted keyword in your permalink with dashes included.

It will help you to rank higher as it describes your post and keyword to rank on the first page of google with that keyword.

To change the URL of your blog post click on permalink option then select custom permalink then type your keyword in URL then it is done.

This SEO friendly URL is helpful for your ranking in the search engines that can increase your targeted audience and traffic.

4. Content is a king

If you are a blogger you always hear about the content is a king why the people say that. Because we all know that to rank on the first page of google the content is really matters.

Because search engine means google want to provide their audience best answer to their question so that's why writing the best blog post is really worth for search engine ranking.

It is also the best part of on-page SEO. But how will you find the article is best to rank in the first position. So before writing blog post always check the other blog who is ranking on the first position on that same keyword.

Then write a blog with more words than that blog post. For example, if he is writing a blog post with 1500 words then you should try to write an article up to 2000 words.

To check the other blogger's article and want to count a number of words then use semrush for it. That will help you to get a proper idea for writing blog posts.

5. Keyword Density

This is again an important part of on-page SEO the number of keywords you use in your article is also affects on your SEO.

So always try to use your targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your blog post. The keyword density I will recommend you to is 2-3%.

This will help the google crawler to understand more about your content and help you to rank for that keyword.

6. Lsi Keyword

So much of the new blogger now have a question about what is the LSI keyword and how to use it in your blog post.

The LSI keywords are the keyword which is the same meaning of your targeted keyword for example if my keyword is what is on-page SEO then it LSI keyword will be on-page SEO tutorial.

There are so many LSI keyword finder tools available on the internet like the Lsi graph and many more.

7. Image optimization

on page seo

The images you use in your blog post can also affect your ranking because if you use a heavy image then it will take time to load the website.

So it is necessary to compress the image before using it in your post. And always use the copyright-free image in your blog post.

To compress your image use iloveimg tool that can compress your image size in the seconds. 

To use copyright-free images use 
  • Shutterstock
  • gettyimages
  • istock
And one more important thing about image SEO is to use alt text in your image to get the Google crawler idea about your keyword while it scanning your images. The following are the steps to do the alt text of your image in blogger.

on page seo
First, select the photo and then click on it. After clicking on the image you will see the option properties click on that. After that, the following image will appear.

on page seo

Then copy your targeted keyword from your title and paste them in both lines and click on the ok button. So here you have done your whole image optimization for SEO.

8. Use Proper Tags

It is necessary to use all the tags properly it is also an important part of on-page SEO. Our heading is already set in the H1 tag and don't use the H1 tag for the other.

Now use the H2 & H3 tags for the subheadings and minor headings. Using the proper tags in a post is helpful for your ranking.

9. Internal Linking

This is the biggest and most important for SEO the internal linking means pointing to your own article. Means in this article I have attached the link of my some other article links.

This will help you to pass your traffic to your other articles and also helping to increase your ranking in search engines.

In this way, the search engine will get a clear idea about your other articles. But you will have to do this very carefully.

Use the keyword of the other article you are going to link in your blog post and always make sure about you are linking the right article which is related to your current writing article.

Guys, you don't have an idea about how much this method will help you with the ranking in the search engine.

10. External Linking

After linking your own articles it necessary to point out the other website from your website. It is also part of on-page SEO.

When you like the other article on the same title or keyword then you can give point out the link to that website for your audience.

But before giving a link to another site always check the authority of that website because if you give the outbound link to a website which is spammy then it will affect also on your website.

So when giving outbound links make it no-follow link. Giving external links to other websites can improve your SEO and this is the best way to connect with bloggers your blog will get in the eye vision of that blogger and if he likes to your blog he will also help you to get the exposure.

So always remember that give outbound links only to the high domain authority websites.

Final Thoughts

Now you have got a clear idea of what are the techniques of on-page SEO while writing blog posts and why it is necessary.

So whenever writing posts does this all step to rank your paste on the first page of google. And always remember that to update your all old post timely. 

In this way, you will get the new content idea and you don't need to search for content and one more benefit of doing this is you will keep getting internal links for your blogs. That can do a better SEO game for you.

And one more thing whenever you are providing external links don't do too much it will look like spammy. To do the on-page SEO properly use Yoast SEO for better SEO. 

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