10 High Paying Url Shortener To Earn Money Online In 2020

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Have you ever hear about this method that lets you make some money online for just URL shortener  I bet you so much of people don't know about this method that helps you to make money.

Before this, we have learned the 8 ways to make money online. In this post, I am telling you about the 10 best high paying URL shortener.

This is also a type of side hustle that you can use to earn money online in your free time. Many of you know about how you can start a blog and earn money.

But what is this link shortener and how this is going to pay you the money? First, let's get to know about what is the URL shortening.

What is URL shortening?

Url shortening is the tool that is used to short your link or URL. In simple words, it let you decrease the length of your URL and fit it in any section or box.

This URL shortening is used by the big brands and YouTubers to increase the value of their name. And boost their results.

This link shortener lets the brand create click-worthy links that are powerful, recognizable. and maximize the performance of the brand.

How to promote this shorten links

After shortening your link how you will get traffic on that link there are so many ways you can promote your shorten links.

If you have a blog then you can promote this link on that if your blog receiving good traffic. The second way is to promote it on youtube channel if you have.

Promote it on your and other telegram groups or WhatsApp groups that help you to get decent traffic on this shorten links.

Add this link to your social media like Facebook, Instagram that have big users online. After they click on your shorten link you will earn money. 

In this way, you can promote your link and earn money now let's move to high paying link shortener to earn money in 2020.

1. Gp Links

The first in this list is GP links which are the highest paying link shortener website. This is an old player in this game.

GP links to power your link to boost your results and shorten your link in the best way that shows the well establish a brand.

GP links are known for their trust and safety, Faster payments, and 24*7 supports. It provides you the well describe dashboard to get detailed stats of your link.

Lower minimum payout of $5 and the highest rates are the best thing about this URL shortener website.

They have so many options for getting your payment like Paytm, PayPal. skrill, and others. The payout rate of the GP links is according to the CPM rates you earn up to $3-$8 per 1000 views.

2. Shrinkearn

Shrinkearn is the second link shortener in this list that let you earn good money. This is the highest rate link shortening platform.

That is a powerful tool that comes with detailed stats to understand your audience and analyze them to increase your earning potential.

Their minimum payout is just $5 so you can withdraw your money after you hit $5 and get your payment via Paypal, bank transfer, skrill.

They have a user base of more than 2 lakh that's insane. It is the fastest-growing link shortening tool. You can earn from $3 to $20 per thousand views.

 3. Linkvertise

This is the new tool in the digital world but this is one of the best link shorteners to earn money online. They make your work easier with their easy administration panel.

With the optimized view, you can have a perfect overview of your earnings. It is also a higher user friendly with clear statics.

They have a minimum withdrawal limit is $10 with a daily payment option. You can receive your payment via Paypal or Amazon gift card.

The best thing about this link shortener site is you have the chance of earning up to $7 per 1000 views that are so much highest rates they offer.

4. Miniurl

This link shortener gives you the chance to earning good money by promoting your shorten links. They have 46000+ registered users. 

You can short your link more quickly with easy to use API. Their support team also helps you with any question that's a good thing about them.

You can withdraw your money when you hit a $5 minimum withdrawal limit that is a very low limit and that beneficial for you.

They also have a referral program that is another way to earn enough money by just referring to your friend or audience.

5. AdShrink.it

So what should I say about this powerful link shortener tool this is one of the best tools I have never seen that give you so much of money.

You can easily track your links with their optimized analytics that help your brand to stand out special in front of your audience and earn money.

Monetize your links with them and they offer the highest CPM rates to earn more money you can also join their referral program to earn as much money.

You can get secure and timely payments with PayPal to increase your revenue they offer less ads and a higher payout. They have more than 1lakh register user that's the big number.

Their payout rates are $7 per 1000 views so go and use this link shortener to earn money online.

6. Payskip

The best part about this link shortener is they offer the highest rates for 1000 views. You can earn up to $15-$20 for 1000 views on your links.

It is the easiest way to earn money fast with higher rates. Some other tools can disappoint you if your country CPM rate is low but this company has a minimum rate of $3.

If you get traffic from countries like the US or the UK you have the chance of earning big money. They also have a referral program with a 10% lifetime earning if you refer your friends.

Their minimum withdrawal limit is only $3 so you can just get your payment with $3.

Join Payskip Here  

7. AdFly  

So many people known about this site that offers service of link shorting and earn money because this is a very old company in this industry.

They have a payment mode of PayPal and Payoneer. The rate of referral commission is 20% for a lifetime.

Monetize every person who visits your URL. You only have to earn $5 to withdraw your money in your PayPal account.

Their statics dashboard gives you the glance experience of your earning with your every single link. You can use their API to instantly create adfly link on your website securely.

8. Linkbucks

This one is also a good URL shortener website to earn money with their good payout rate that pays you $1-$7 for 1000 views.

Their high-class dashboard gives you a whole view of your earning status to get a clear idea of your traffic coming from which country.

The minimum withdrawal limit of this site is $5 it means you can withdraw your money when you hit this limit. They will pay your money through PayPal.

They give you more chances to earn good money with their referral program with that you can earn a commission if you refer your friend. That's a good thing about that they are empowering you to increase your revenue.

9. Skiplink

You can short your blog link or Facebook, Instagram, or other social media profile links with the skiplink. and you can make money with it by monetizing your links.

You can probably do this work from home make money easily. You just have to create an account on skiplink create a link and promote it and when visitors visit your link you will get paid. Use the methods I have told you above to promote your links.

You can use their creative API to easily create a link on your website or app quickly. They are the big community with 27000 users and they have 2,541,196 total link clicks that's the big number.

They have the best payout rate of $5 for 1000 views from the united states. And the minimum withdrawal limit of $3.

You can make more money with their referral program and they offer 20% of the lifetime earning if you refer your friend about their website.

10. Pubiza

You can shorten your blog post link or any social media profile link easily with pubiza that makes your work easier with their monetizing method to earn some money.

They have grown up to 400000+ users that's a very big number that shows their capacity and strength and the service they are providing.

When the person clicks on your link you will earn some money. That number will depend on the location where the person belongs.

You can also join their referral program to earn a 10% commission when you refer your friend to this website.

Final Thoughts

So these are the link shortener website to earn money online. You can do this work as a side hustle to make some extra money.

So I have told you about all these links shorteners and how to get traffic on it. No one can think this can the way of earning money online.

Now you can do this work easily from home and only you need is your phone and internet. So don't wait for anything just use this link shortener and make money while sleeping.

From this list, I will suggest you go for the linkvertise that is the best tool I personally love it. So let's catch you all on the next post.

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