27 Best Affiliate Programs Of 2020 For The Bloggers

27 Best Affiliate Programs Of 2020 For The Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs

If you are in the search of some affiliate programs that let you make money online then you have landed at the right place.

So we have come with Best affiliate programs for the bloggers that let you build passive income with earning a commission.

Let me first clear the term affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a program offered by many companies to increase the sale of their product with the help of bloggers and content creators.

When you write an article about any product with the affiliate link and when your audience purchases a product from your link then you will earn some commission for that.

As we all know the affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog. This is going to be the best Monetization method. You can check How To monetize your blog in 23 different ways.

The bloggers like Michelle Gardner who are the creator of blog Makingsenseofcents already earning $50000 per month only with affiliate marketing.

And if you also want to earn like this they also have a course in Makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing. Believe me guys it really worth purchasing this course.

They already teaching 2000+ bloggers about affiliate marketing so if you want the same just go and purchase this product.

To start affiliate marketing you will need a blog that you can start with the BlueHost they are the best hosting provider you can get this hosting at $3.99/month with a one-year free domain and you can also check step by step guide to how to start a blog.

Now, let's move to the list.

1. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva is a tool for designing logos, graphics, Pinterest pin, etc. They also have an affiliate program that offers you commission for each sale from your affiliate link. 

You can make up to $36 with each sign up you refer to your audience. You just have to sign as an affiliate and you can use their different tools for affiliate marketing.

2. Bluehost Affiliate Program

As we all know the Bluehost is one of the top hosting providers for a small and large business. So you have a chance to earn with Bluehost with their affiliate program.

You can make up to $65 for each sale. When your audience purchases the Bluehost web hosting through your link then you will make money.

You can use their tools like affiliate links and banners to increase your conversion rates.

3. Siteground Affiliate Program

This one is also a high paying affiliate program. The siteground is also a web hosting provider with its high-speed services.

They offer an affiliate program with the commission. The commission rate will depend on how much sales you have got from your affiliate link.

With the siteground you can earn up to $50 for each sale if you sell 1-5 sales per month. You can even earn $100 if your sales touch 11-20 numbers. So yes it is a high paying affiliate program.

4. WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP engine is also one of the great web hosting providers. They also offer their award-winning affiliate program.

Their program is awarded by the pinnacle merchant of the year and also for ShareASale. They have a dedicated affiliate team to help you at any point. 

You can earn up to $200 commission to sales WP engine hosting with their long time cookies of 180 days.

5. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is a web hosting provider with high paying affiliate commission. You can use their tools like custom coupon codes, banners, affiliate links to increase your conversion.

The commission rate of this program is also like siteground program. This means the rate will depend on the number of sales you get.

If you sell 1-5 web hosting you can earn up to $65/signup. They also give you the chance of earning up to $125/signup if you sell 21+ products.

6. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

This one is also a reputed web hosting provider. They have a different type of hosting for small to large businesses.

Once you signup as an affiliate you can access the library of banner ads and links to promote products. 

When customers purchase through your affiliate links you will earn a commission of $150 for each sale.

7. Godaddy Affiliate Program

The Godaddy is a famous domain register platform with the best services they are providing. They also provide hosting services.

You can join their affiliate program with commission junction and start earning money. Once you join you can place their banner on your website and when the customer purchase through your link you will earn a commission.

8. Namecheap Affiliate Program

The Namecheap is also a domain registering platform. They are serving since 2000 yay that's a very old and trustworthy site.

They also offer services like web hosting, SSL certificate, and many others. You have a chance to earn from Namecheap from their affiliate program.

As their updated data they are offering a commission of 20% on domain registration and 35% on hosting.

9. Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

If you are in the blogging industry you were definitely listening to name elegant themes. They are one of the best WordPress theme providers.

More than 6 lakh customers they have and they also offer the opportunity of earning money from their affiliate program.

You can earn up to 50% commission on each sale you got from your affiliate link. This is not enough they offer a commission on renewal process that means you can earn every year from Elegant Themes.

10. Astra Theme Affiliate Program

Astra Theme is also a great theme provider in the industry. They have the best supporting team and one of the most powerful theme builders.

The way to earn money from Astra's theme is by joining their affiliate program you can earn a commission of $17 to $200 on each sale.

That is a big commission so don't let go of this opportunity to earn money with affiliate marketing just join and start earning money.

11. GeneratePress Affiliate Program

GeneratePress is one the lightweight theme for WordPress users and you can earn money for promoting their product.

You can promote their product by joining their affiliate program when the customer purchase through your link you will earn 35% commission.

You can get your payment via Paypal once a month. You have to earn at least $50 to receive your payment.

They offer a cookie period of 60 days means when you refer someone to their website they have 60 days to purchase and get credit for you.

12. Envato Market Affiliate Program

Envato Market is a large resource of themes, plugins, 3d files, video&audio, etc. They have so many products you can promote on your site.

To make money with Envato Market you have to join their affiliate program and with the help of their attractive banners, you can promote perfectly their products on your website to redirect your audience to their site.

You can earn a commission rate of 30% on each sale in this way you can make money with them.

13. Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly is a tool used by bloggers and other freelance writers to write a post without any grammatical errors.

Whenever I face problems while writing the post I use this tool to write an error-free article. The way you make money with Grammarly is by joining their affiliate program. 

They will pay you $20 when the customer purchase through your affiliate link. And you can also earn when customer signup for free you will make in this $0.20 for each customer.

You can also signup on Commission junction and ShareAsale to become an affiliate.

14. Tailwind Affiliate Program

So many of you have not heard about this tool. A Tailwind is a tool that uses for scheduling pins on Pinterest and posts on Instagram.

In this way, you can get the best engagement and reach for your profile. I personally use this tool to schedule my pins and increase engagements.

They also offer an affiliate program to earn money. You can find their affiliate program on ShareASale. When the customer purchase through your link you will get paid.

You can earn up to 15% on each sale. Believe me, use this tool to drive traffic on site.

15. Sendowl Affiliate Program

Sendowl is a platform on which you can sell your digital products like ebooks. You will create your storefront on Sendowl.

You just have to upload your product and enter the payment gateway and get paid when the customer purchases your product.

The commission they offer in their affiliate program is 20% and you can get your payment on the 7th day of every month via PayPal.

They offer a cookie period of 90 days to your customers.

16. Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is a tool that is used by the marketer for keyword research and competitor analysis tool to stand out on the first position on the internet.

Semrush is one of the best tools that helps many marketers and bloggers for SEO purposes. They have an affiliate program so the affiliate can earn money for referring to their product.

When you signup as an affiliate you can access their promo materials and complete statics to increase your sell.

You will earn a 40% commission on each sale and you can receive your payment through PayPal or wire transfer.

17. Convertkit Affiliate Program

The convertkit is a tool that helps you catch the emails of your audience and store their email for forwarding the new post straight to them.

In this way, you can build your real audience and can increase your sales and revenue. They also offer an affiliate program for the creators to promote their products.

You can earn up to 30% commission for referring their product it's not enough this 30% you will get every month till their account is active.

18. Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber is an email marketing tool like a convertkit that captures emails to build your audience. They have launched their affiliate program for creators.

Where you can earn a commission of 30% on each sell. With their visitors and sales stats, you can get a clear idea of your conversion rates.

You can earn recurring commission on every purchase means you will not only earn on initial sale but you can earn every recurring payment make by them.

19. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that we also called dropshipping business. So many young entrepreneurs make passive income from Shopify business.

In this type of business model, you don't need to keep inventory you just have to create your store from Shopify and drag products from your supplier.

Now, let's move to their affiliate program in which you can earn a commission of $58 for each signup for the paid plan.

You also have the opportunity to earn up to $2000 for each plus referral when someone signup from your affiliate link. 

20. Picmonkey Affiliate Program

Picmonkey is a tool used for designing images, logos, Pinterest pin, and many more designing works. 

When you join their partner program you can make a hefty cash bounty for every annual subscriber you refer to picmonkey.

The picmonkey will help you increase your brand exposure by telling your name in their webinars, stories, or blog posts.

21. 99 Design Affiliate Program 

99design is a freelancing designing platform where you can get services like web designing, app designing, template designing, and many other designing.

If you have skills in this designing work you can apply as a designer for their website or if you are in the search of these services you can catch those services here.

You can earn with their affiliate program in which you can earn $60 per sale. If you bring more than 25 sales you can earn a commission of $80 per sale.

Once you bring 50 customers through your affiliate link you will earn $100 for each sale. So this is the three levels of their affiliate program.

22. Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable is a platform where creators, bloggers, instructors sell their courses and make money. On their platform 23M+, students are learning.

Now lets talked about their affiliate program. They also offer an affiliate program for creators to make money for referring their site.

They will pay a 30% commission for each sale with a 90-day cookie ya that's one of the highest commission to refer customers to their website.

23. Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is also an online learning platform where you can sell your courses to thousands of students.

They also offer an affiliate program where you can pick from thousands of courses and refer that you to your audience.

You can earn commission on every sale. The best part about their affiliate program is very competitive commission rates.

You can use hundreds of banners to increase your revenue and you will get a very supportive affiliate manager who will help you at every point.

24. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

This one is a course created by blogger Michell Gardner for bloggers who are willing to make money from affiliate marketing.

Michell is already making $50000 per month form affiliate marketing and teaching 2000+ students to make more money. 

She also offers an affiliate program for her course means if you enroll in her course and refer to your friends you can make money from that referral.

25. Making Sense Of Sponsored Posts

This course is also offered by Michell to increase getting the opportunity of sponsored posts and make money.

It is also the same as the course I have told you above and also have an affiliate program the same as that. If you want to get paid for promoting this course then you have to first enroll in this course. 

26. The She Approach Affiliate Program

 The She Approach is a blogger Who helps the bloggers to increase traffic on the blog and generate revenue.

She has also launched her own affiliate programs where you can refer her product to your friends and audience and make a commission on every sale.

In her affiliate program, the products are the ebooks like increasing blog traffic, making Pinterest possible, affiliate marketing training bundle, affiliate programs master list. you can find all this product on her blog.

To join her affiliate program you have to signup on sendowl and copy the affiliate link from there and paste it on your blog. When someone makes a purchase you will earn a commission.

27. Buzzsprout Affiliate Program

Buzzsprout is a hosting provider for your podcast services. This one is one of the best podcast hosting provider on the web.

They have an affiliate program in which they offer a commission of $25 for every paid referral or a 20% recurring lifetime commission for every paid referral.

When someone comes on the buzzsprout using your affiliate link they will get a $20 amazon gift card. So this will help you increase your conversion.

Final Thoughts 

So here we have 27 top affiliate programs that can help you make passive income. If you have any confusion about which one will be best for you then first focus on your niche and research for the best affiliate programs for your niche then look at the commission rates.

From my eye view, the best affiliate program used by every blogger is a Bluehost affiliate program because everyone is in the search for launching a new blog and that will need hosting so the Bluehost can help you make great money with their affiliate program.

In the future, we are trying to come with the monster list of affiliate programs for every niche so that will be very helpful to find your affiliate program that is suitable for your niche.

Till then subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates straight to your inbox and don't forget to share this post on social media and follow us on social media. And also tell me in the comment section which affiliate program are you using to make money.

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Best Affiliate Programs

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