How To Make Money From Blog 23 Genuine Ways

How To Make Money From Blog 23 Genuine Ways

How To Make Money From Blog

The people who have started a blog and want to make money from it then the best way is to monetize the blog. You can check step by step guide to how to start a blog.

The most used way is to monetize your blog with Google Adsense but we all know that getting google AdSense approval is not easy work it takes time and hard work.

Then another common way to monetize the blog is by doing affiliate marketing. This can be the best way to monetize your blog.

The big name in the affiliate marketing is Michelle Gardner who has blog name Makingsenseofcents they are making $50000 per month from affiliate marketing.

They also have created a course on affiliate marketing called Makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing to help the bloggers who want to do the proper affiliate marketing they have help 2000+ bloggers with their course.

These two methods are a common way to make money from your blog but I will tell you genuine ways to monetize your blog and make money.

To start a profitable blog you just need a domain and hosting you can purchase it with BlueHost at $3.99/month. You will get the 1-year free domain, SSL certificate, 1 click Wordpress installed. They have one of the best hostings with 24*7 support.

Rather than this list, you can also find other ways to monetize your blog you can use all these methods to make money from your blog. To bring your blog to the successful blog then subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with new posts.

So let's move to the list of monetizing your blog that has the ability to make a ton of money just from your blog.

1. Putting Ads On Your Blog

As we have discussed earlier the best and most common way to monetize your blog is placing ads in your blog.

The more visitors come on your blog the more revenue will generate. It means you have to increase your traffic to make more money.

We all know that getting google AdSense approval is not easy but as you have got approval then you can get money with the CPC rate.

To generate ad revenue nothing is best than google Adsense their payout is really awesome. So this is the first method to make money from your blog.  

2. Affiliate Marketing

With this type of monetization, you can make a ton of money more than ads revenue. The affiliate marketing means you are getting some commission after your audience purchase through your link.

You have heard about the Amazon they offer an affiliate program. If you promote their product on your blog and the audience purchase through your link then you will receive some commission.

As I have told you earlier the affiliate marketing is not easy work to do but here is the course of Michelle Gardner's name as Makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing WIth this course you can make up to $10,000 per month.

Michelle is already earning $50,000 per month from her blog with only affiliate marketing. So just go and purchase that course.

You can join the affiliate program like shopping sites like Amazon, eBay or you can join the affiliate networks like Maxbounty, Flexoffers, Shareasale.

And one more way to do affiliate marketing is by joining courses or products that have an affiliate program.

3. Sponsored Post

This one is also a genuine way to make money from your blog. Getting sponsored posts is not an easy thing but I know about one course that can help you to get sponsored posts. The name of the course is Makingsenseofsponsoredpost

The creator of this course again the person itself Michelle Gardner of is teaching over 2000+ bloggers that how to make money with sponsored posts.

Sponsored post means getting paid to post about the brand or review that brand or company. To find this sponsored post you can use platforms like the TapInfluence or any other Influencer Marketing platform.

4. Advertising Space

Use your blog space for the advertisements. So much of company are in the search to promote their brand and they use this advertising method.

When the brand will contact you to advertise on your blog you have to make or get the clickable banner from the company and have to put on your blog empty space.

When the visitors will see that advertisement and click on it the company will get customers and make a profit.

You can charge some money to advertise on your blog. But in the beginning, when your blog is new you will not get the advertisement opportunity.

As your blog getting higher rank and traffic then you will start getting the advertisement opportunity.

To get the advertisement opportunity you can attach the page of advertising here and in that page note down your blog stats like your blog DA, Traffic, Social shares, How many subscribers your blog have. This thing can increase by getting advertisement opportunities.

5. Podcast Advertising

If you do the podcast on your blog then you can make money with that. So much of people are familiar with the podcasting and some not for their let's get to know what is a podcast.

The podcast is the digital audio file available on the internet for downloading. That can be the series or episodes and which can be received by your subscribers.

When you have a big audience of listening to your podcast then you will get started to receive advertisements for your podcast.

So much of brands are now moving to podcast advertisement for their brand. According to Advertisecast, the average rate for podcast advertising is $18 30 sec ad CPM(Cost per mile) and for the 60-sec ad, CPM is $25.

This can be the best way to monetize your blog that can bring you good money. As a blogger or any YouTuber is started doing this to make money.

6. Collaboration

This one can be the best genuine way to make money from your blog collaborating with brands and get paid to work with them.

When you collaborate with the brand you have to stay connected with the brand and do the promotional work from your blog.

The collaboration with the brand can for a short time or for long term goals that will depend on the brands.

In the collaboration, there are two ways you can collaborate with brands or can with any other blogger or YouTuber.

But in a second way there are no chances of getting paid for that type of collaboration so try to collaborate with the brands.

7. Video Advertising

The video advertising the same advertising as using your blog space for the advertisements as we have talked earlier.

This type of advertisement includes a video where the brand will call you to collaborate with them to and they will give you money to put the video of their on your blog.

The charges will depend on your site impression. This means how many impressions do you receive. This can be the best way to monetize your blog.  

There are so many companies that can help you to get this type of advertisement opportunity and make money from video advertising.

8. Sponsored Social Content

In this digital world to get connect with each other there are so many social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they have a ton of users.

So many brands are using these social media platforms to create brand awareness with the social media influencer.

As a blogger, you also have a social media profile and you also can make money with the sponsored post.

If your social media profile has a good number of followers then you will get money to post the photo on social media.

So this can be the best way to make money as a blogger. If you don't have a profile on social media then go and make the profile and increase the followers otherwise you will miss the opportunity to make money from this method.

9. Dropshipping

So many people are don't know about this type of method to make money from your blog. The dropshipping is a business that will allow you to work as a reseller for the suppliers without holding inventory.

Let's take an example if you drag a product on your Shopify store and the customer purchase from your store then you will make money.

But this system is not based on a commission system you have set your prize more than supplier price. This means the price of the product is $20 then you have set the price above the $20.

If you set a price of $40 and a customer purchase product from your store then you will earn $20 and your supplier will earn $20.

In this dropshipping model, you do not have to hold inventory everything is handled by the supplier from packing to delivery.

To start dropshipping you have to sign up on Shopify. You can promote your store on your blogger so you can get the customers in your store.

10. Sell Physical Planners

As a blogger I always curious to get traffic on my blog and I started to use Pinterest. But I don't have proper guidance for using Pinterest.

Then I get to know about the planners of Pinterest from blogger Twins Mommy. I got their Pinterest planner to properly use Pinterest.

Like this one planner, you can also sell physical planners from your blog. As my niche is making money and personal finance so I can sell planners like money management, Bill management, and Debt planner and so many.

This can be the best way to monetize your blog and make money from this business.

11. Sell Merchandise

So many bloggers and YouTubers make their merchandise and sell it on their blog. The merchandise is a product with its blog name or with the slogan printed on it.

To get an idea of merchandise here is an example of merchandise of iliketodabble they sell their merchandise with Teespring.

When the audience comes on your blog you can give them your merchandise link so they can buy and you will make money from that sell.

This can be a good way to monetize your blog with your merchandise to make money from that. You can sell T-shirts, Bags, Cups, Or shoes and many others.

12. Sell Books

You can even sell books with your blog if you have written a book based on your niches like blogging tutorial or money-making guide.

This is going to make a small money but it can be one of the ways to monetize your blog. You can sell your books to your audience.

This book should be helpful for the readers that can increase your sales. To get more customers you can launch your own affiliate program for your books.

When your audience recommends your book with the other one and they will purchase in this way you can get increase sales. 

13. Sell Themes 

Every blogger is always in a search of new themes to give their blog a new feel and well optimization so you can sell themes to your visitors.

There are a ton of theme providers available on the internet. If you are knowledgable on how to build themes then it is nice you can make your own themes and can sell it to your audience.

But if you don't have that skill then nothing to worry you can still make money by doing affiliate sales of themes.

So much of theme provider companies offer an affiliate program so you can join and you can earn commission on every sale. This can be a pretty idea to monetize your blog.

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14. Sell Plugins

The plugins can be any tool that is used by many bloggers to grow their blogs and provide ease of use to their visitors.

Let's take an example of Yoast Seo it is a plugin that helps the bloggers to do proper on-page SEO for their post.

So this plugin provider charges for their plugins you can join their affiliate program and sell their plugins and can make a commission on it.

The bloggers are ready to pay for the plugins from $5-$100 for small social media share plugin. So you can get an idea about how much you can make from selling plugins from your blog.

15. Sell Apps

If you have skills in building an app and finding customers then you can sell the apps to your blog audience.

You can charge for those services this is going to the best way to monetize your blog and make money from your blog.

One of your audience who is searching in-app developer then he can make contact with you and you can provide that service from your blog.

If you are curious to learn app development then you can learn it on Udemy from home. You can learn app development at low prices on Udemy

16. Make Money From Ebooks

As we have discussed earlier making money from selling books this is also the same way but the method I have told you earlier that are physical products and this book is a virtual product.

The Ebook is a web book that is smaller compare to a normal book. The information provided in this book is in the pdf form.

Selling ebooks is the most common way of monetizing your blog that is used by many bloggers. You can sell ebooks related to blogging tutorial affiliate marketing or any other useful resource.

You can sell these ebooks from your blog or you can host your ebook on Amazon kindle publishing or Sendowl.

17. Sell Online Courses

Making course and selling it to your blog visitors are the best idea of making money from your blog. The blogger like Michelle Gardner who has courses in affiliate marketing and sponsored post are selling their courses to thousands of bloggers. 

The courses can be in the format of the video, PPT, Or word document when one of your audience purchases a course from your blog you can send them these courses online. This can good idea of working from home and give a boost to your blog.

Selling different courses from a blog is the most genuine way use by so many bloggers that pay well for this type of monetization.

18. Freelancing

If you have a skill of any freelancing like content writing, logo designing, data entry, etc. Then you can offer this type of service to your audience who are in the search of this type of service.

You can make a freelancer page on your blog so the customer can contact you for those services. This can be a good idea of monetizing your blog rather than putting ads.

This type of service can help you to boost the revenue of your blog. It will help you to get more earning opportunities.

19. Consulting

Consulting means giving the solution to some technical problems. You can even provide this type of service on your blog.

It is not used by so many bloggers because so many people do not have any idea about this type of service.

Once you build your audience you can then provide consulting services like increasing website traffic, increase sales, increase revenue, and many more.

20. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative, technical services for the small business working from home.

You can provide this type of service from your blog. The virtual assistant can make $40 per hour. So this can be one of the ways to monetize your blog and make good money.

If you don't have any knowledge about virtual assistant then you can pick this course called $10kVA to become a pro virtual assistant and make more money.

21. Webinars

You can make money even holding webinars. This way can make you extra money with the help of your blog audience.

This can be an opportunity to earn money with webinars. The webinar is a seminar conducted live or online for educational purposes.

You can make money in two ways from this method. First is charging for attending webinars and the second one is selling products at the end of the webinar.

You can create the importance of that product in the webinar so the people will influence buying that product.

22. Job Board

Create a job board on your blog so your audience who is in searching for a job can get list os jobs from your blog and can increase the audience.

You can charge for this type of service. When the company wants to place their job on your board then you can get paid from them for using your blog space and audience.

You just have to build audience-first then create the page of job and note down the charges on that board. So the company can list their job and find that board properly.

23. Flipping Websites

Flipping websites meaning selling websites or domain from your blog like providing services like buying and selling domains.

This can be a very profitable idea to make money from your blog You just have to create pages of buy and sell domain/websites.

You don't know how much money you are losing by not applying this type of monetization to your blog.

Final Thoughts

So here are the 23 genuine ways to monetize your blog and make money from it. You don't need to depend on only one way from this list you can so much money from your single blog.

The reason behind writing this post is just to spread this method to the bloggers who only know about making money from the blog only with placing ads.

If I missed other ways so you can tell me in the comment section and also tell me which are you using to make your blog profitable.

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How To Make Money From Blog

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