15 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money

15 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money

Passive Income Ideas

The passive income is another form of a side hustle to make money from doing other things instead of your 9-5 job. The Great investor Warren Buffet has a great quote that is "If you will not find a way to make money while you sleep then you have to work 9-5 till you die."

First, let's get to know about what is passive income. The passive income is ideas or a way to make money to build your wealth. It can be any business or the side hustles that let you make money while you sleep.

To get a clear idea about passive income let me give you the difference between Active income and Passive income.

Active Income

The active income is a source of money you are earning money from the service you are giving to any company or organization. Like your job in this way, you will earn a fixed amount of money in a fixed time. So many people are depending on their active income to live and that's great.

Passive Income

The passive income is any income that you make from doing other stuff rather than your job. It could be involved like starting a business, Investment, and renting out you stuff that you already have. In this field, there is no fixed amount that you can earn

Passive income also has two types the one is included that need hard work, effort, and time and the second is just earn money by installing apps like Nielsen that pay you money every year to just keep their app on your phone. The app is free and it can be the type of passive income that doesn't need money so just sign up on Nielsen and computer and get money.

Now, let's move to the list to make passive income ideas that can make you a millionaire.

1. Start a Blog

This type of generating passive income needs effort and time but if you start this hustle then after a time it will bring you money.

I have never told you all about blogging without the name of Michell Gardner who has blog Makingsenseofcents.

You should check their blog once and their income report to get motivated to start a blog and make money by monetizing it.

To start a blog you just need a laptop and internet connection then you can start your blog by getting a domain and hosting from BlueHost that will cost you $2.99 per month.

The Bluehost is one of the best hostings providing services with a one-year free domain and free SSL certificate included.

They are recommended by WordPress itself and holding 2 million domain and most trusty hosting provider.

So start your blog by sign up here at $2.99 and make passive income.

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2. Start a Youtube Channel

We know that youtube is the biggest video publishing platform for the creators and give the opportunity to make money by monetizing it.

This type also needs effort and time to start making money but once you complete the criteria of google Adsense and then you can show the ads on your youtube videoes.

A 7-year-old boy is the highest-paid YouTuber then you can get the idea of how much you can earn from youtube and can generate passive income.

If you have any skill then you can show that in front of the world with the help of youtube and make money. You just need a camera and laptop for editing your videoes you can get this from amazon.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

This type of idea will bring you a ton of money and you can become a millionaire with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing is a program that offers by companies like eCommerce companies Amazon eBay and many more. If someone purchases a product through your affiliate link then you will earn some commission.

This can be a great idea for building a passive income. If you are a blogger or YouTuber and have a big audience then you can join these programs to earn money.

But the affiliate marketing is not easy work it will need more strategy and effort and you will also need proper guidance.

I will recommend you to get the course call Makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing. This course will help you to become a pro affiliate marketer and earn up to $50000 per month.

The creator of this course is Michelle Gardner who is earning a lot already from affiliate marketing.

4. Trading

So many people hearing this term for the first time and some people know about it. Trading is a way to build passive income by investing your money in the currency trader or cryptocurrency. 

For example, if you trade $1 in USD-EUR currency and set time and forecast the market will go up or down if your forecast is gone right then you will earn a profit on it.

In this system, you will get quick results you just have to forecast right whether the market will go up or down.

This can be the best way to build wealth ya it's risky but if you will not take a risk then you can not be successful in life.

You can learn this trading on the youtube channel. To start trading you have to download the trading platform. 

The best platform for this I will recommend you Olymptrade this is one of the best trading platforms I personally use.

After signup, you will get $10,000 in your demo account with this demo money you can learn trading properly by doing a practical way.

To earn real money you have to deposit money and start trading. The minimum deposit amount is just $10 so go on Olymptrade and start earning money.

5. Dropshipping

So much of entrepreneurs are becoming a millionaire with dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a business model that lets you build your own store.

To build your store you can use Shopify and select your merchant or supplier. When the customer orders products from your store you have to reach out to your supplier they will handle your inventory and deliver it to your customer.

In this dropshipping business, you don't need to worry about inventory, packing, and delivery you just have to get the customers on your store and let them make the purchase.

In the simple word dropshipping can be one of the best passive income ideas. When you are dragging products on your store you have to set a price according to you but remember to set the price higher than your supplier.

For example, if the price of the product from the supplier is $20 then you have set a price higher than $20 if you set a price of $40 and the customer makes the purchase then you will earn $20 and your supplier will earn $20.

To get started for dropshipping signup here and get 14 days free Shopify trial and start making money just from your laptop. 

6. Amazon FBA

The amazon fba is a program for the sellers who want to sell their stuff or handmade products. This can be the best passive income idea to become a millionaire.

We know that Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform which have a big audience or customers. You can use their platform to sell your stuff.

If you are new to this and want to start this passive income-generating business then just buy this course of Jessica who already making a ton of money from amazon.

They have a proper guide with videos to get started with amazon business and become a successful seller on amazon.

7. Become Web Developer

This can be the best passive income building idea to work as a web developer. If you have skills to make and design a website then you can earn so much money from this skill.

You can work for web designing agencies or you can also work as a freelance web developer on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or workify to get the customer.

If you are a pro developer then you can charge up to $500-$1000 to design websites as per the requirement from the customers.

If you don't have skills of a web developer but want to learn then you can learn the web development course on Udemy

8. Digital Marketing 

This one is trending skills right now to make money. Digital marketing is a type of marketing that includes promoting brands or companies on social media to increase their awareness and customer.

You have listened about the ads system in this when company contact to the digital marketer to create brand promotions the digital marketer is starting to create ad campaign on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more.

If you are the best with creating google ads and Facebook ads then you can make a ton of money with these skills.

You can also add influencer marketing to create brand awareness that is also a trending way to promote brands.

You can also learn these skills on Udemy if you don't have any idea about this. 

9. Create a Course

If you are a blogger or do you know about some skills and want to sell your knowledge then the best way is to create a course on that skill.

As a blogger, you can sell blogging, affiliate marketing, or SEO course. You can use the platform like Udemy and Teachable to create your course.

This can be the best way to build passive income by working from home you just have to signup on these platforms and create a course by making videos or presentations.

The platform like Teachable will give you whole guidance and tools to create your course and enroll students in your course.

10. Advertise On Your Car

Giving your car on the work this is the best and easy idea of generating income. So many people have no idea that they even can make money with their car.

You all have seen cars or trucks with some banners or paint that means they are advertising any company or brand.

In the marketing industry, this type is called as gorilla marketing. You just have to get on the Wrapify where you can find the companies who want to advertise.

Rideshare advertising is a performance-driven platform for the brands. You just have to download the Wrapify app and signup to become the driver.

When your profile get finalize then you will start getting campaign in your targeted area you will able to see offers on the app

11. Rent Out Your Non-use Room

This can be the best idea to generate passive income with your non-use property. That property can help you to make money by doing nothing.

You just have to list your room on Airbnb when the person who can be traveler comes in your area and finding room on Airbnb then your room will be seen on the app.

Over 2 million people are hosting their house on Airbnb. The potential earning is $500-$1000 that's pretty much money.

You can manage dates when you don't want to host your room and can set rules for your guests this is a good thing about Airbnb.

The Airbnb will help you through setuping your Airbnb host account they will ask you some question that asks by the travelers like what special about your space.

It will help you enhance gratefully to attract the customers towards your space to increase your earning potential.

12. Website Flipping

This can be the best business in the flipping category. Website flipping means you just have to make a website and bring it to some profitable level and then sell it at a high price.

You can also flip domain in this category you just have to buy a domain with better extension and sell it.

No wonder that you can make up to $1000 per month from this business. Then the one question that comes in your mind is where you can sell this item.

The name is Flippa where you can buy and sell a business, Website, Domain, and apps. They have over 200000 buyers that are curious to buy websites or domain.

This can be the greatest idea of making passive income just working from home. To sell your domain/website just signup on flippa and list your product and set price.

13. Sell Ebooks

If You are knowledgable about some skills like blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing and you can write ebooks on it then this will help you make good passive income.

The Ebooks are the digital products or books that are smaller than the normal books and made in the pdf form.

If you have a good audience on your blog you can sell this ebook to them or it can be sold on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing this can be the easiest way to publish your ebook and available it worldwide.

You can earn up to 60-70% on your ebook sell or you can host this digital product with Sendowl they just have some monthly fees.

Selling ebooks can help you make money and also build royalty and reputation of your blog so just go and start writing ebooks.

14. Sell Photos Online

This can be the best side hustle for the photography lovers that get paid for selling photos on the stock photography marketplace.

It is wondering that you can make money with your photos by selling it on sites like Shutterstock. The Shutterstock is a well-established stock photography site that pays you money when your photo got to sell.

If you want the full amount of your photos then sell it on your website that can be a great idea to make passive income.

The most sell photos are related nature photos or cinematographic shots then make the stock photo packs sell on Etsy.

15. Sell Instagram Pages

This is the best idea to make money online Create pages or profiles and increase the follower of that page.

Then sell that profile and get paid. There are so many ways to make money from Instagram if you don't want to sell then you can give shootouts to other pages and charge for that service.

And you can also get sponsorship on Instagram and can make money with that method also. Generate passive income with this trick.

If you have a blog and searching in the opportunity to get sponsorship but not working then you should buy this course called Makingsenseofsponsoredpost The course is created by the Michelle Gardner who are already making $10000 from sponsor post so go and get this course.

Final Thoughts

So here we have present the list of passive income streams that help you to get financial freedom and live worried free life.

Yes, these ideas will definitely help you stand out differently in the financial industry and also to pay off your debt.

In the digital world, there are so many options available in front of us but which one would be suitable for you that will depend on your skills. Just learn the skills and apply them.

In this world, there are also some easiest ways to make money as side hustle like deliver groceries with Instacart or just download the cashback apps like Ibotta that leads to saving money.

So go and get your perfect work from this list to build your wealth and let's wait for the next more companies that will give you an opportunity of passive income. Like any other ideas, we will get we will tell you till now subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest post updates to make more money.


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Passive Income Ideas

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