22 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Well

22 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Well

Money Making Apps

The people like you and me who always use the phone for scrolling social media and playing games but so many people don't know that this device will help us to make money.

There are money making apps that help you make extra cash. Doing this type of side hustle can make you good money working from home.

If you are in the search of apps that pay you money then you have landed at the right place where you can grab this free app.

Some of the apps from this list can bring small money and some will bring big money that we will call as the highest paying apps.

The list includes the apps that pay you money for taking the survey, doing tasks, and money-saving apps.

So much of apps have landed on the web that makes you money doing it as a hobby. Making money in today's world becomes easy just tapping on your smartphone.

Now let's move to this monster list of money making apps

1. Swagbucks

As we all know the Swagbucks is the site that pays you money for taking the survey, searching on the web, watching videos, and many other tasks.

You will earn SB for doing those tasks and you can redeem these points on PayPal or you can use these SB points to get the gift cards on amazon.

Putting cashback in your wallet is a great way to make money from this app. This is one of the highest-paid apps that pay their customers $350 million-plus till now.

Making money with this app is easy just do the daily poll and earn SB. You will earn $25 for 2500 SB. So download this app and earn good money.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is also one of the highest-paid apps that pay you money for taking the survey watching videos.

Survey junkie is the free app with that there are chances you can make up to $40 per survey and doing simple tasks.

After you signup on the survey junkie, the app will find the task that is suitable to your profile and you have to complete the survey.

You will earn points for doing those tasks and can redeem as a gift card or PayPal cash. So this one is also going to make you money with their apps.

3. InboxDollar

Inboxdollar is also the same app as Swagbucks and survey junkie that pays you money for searching on the web, watching videos, and reading emails.

The inbox dollar is legit apps that pay you money. You will earn a $5 signup bonus for signup on their site.

This one is the highest-paid and old trusted company with them you will get paid for playing games and taking the survey.

You can withdraw your money from PayPal once your account reaches a limit of $30. 

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is the app that will pay you money for shopping online and earn cash back and gift cards. When you shop on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart you will earn a free gift card.

Even more, ways to make money with MyPoints is by completing the survey, watching videos, reading emails, and playing games.

You can earn up to 500 points for watching videos and 300 points for completing the survey. You can even earn 5 points for reading emails.

This one is the free platform to join and paying money to their customers from 1996. You will earn $10 on your first purchase worth $20 or more on signup.

5. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is the highest paying platform that pays you money for completing an online survey. In my opinion, this one is the highest-paid platform.

You can earn up to $2-$50 per survey. They will also give you money for testing products. With vindale research, you will also get a $1 signup bonus.

This money making apps will help you earn money on the go for using your smartphone and taking the survey.

They don't have points system like other research companies you will directly earn cash and can withdraw this cash on PayPal.

This one is 100% legit and free to join the platform and they have paid $5 million to their members till now.

Cashback Apps or Money Saving Apps

There are some apps that will help you get cashback and save your money which you are spending on the shopping of groceries and online shopping.

6. Rakuten

Rakuten is a site that is formerly known as Ebates they are the best company to pay out the cashback on your shopping. 

But you have the question of why I am telling you this app in the money making apps topic. Yes, saving money is also a good way to make money.

The best part about them is you will get a $10 signup bonus that you can redeem on PayPal or you can get a $10 Walmart gift card.

you can even make $25 for referring the Rakuten to your friends and audience when they signup on Rakuten using your link you will earn $25.

They have listed 2500 stores where you can get cashback up to 40%. You can also use their app to find the best deals and save money with that.

7. Ibotta

Ibotta is the app that will pay you money for scanning the receipts of your grocery shopping on their app and earn cashback.

You can even download their browser extension to get notified about the new deals and cashback offers in this way you can save money.

You don't have to the hard work to make extra cash by saving money just do the shopping as you do always and upload the receipt of your bill and earn cashback.

The one more good thing about the Ibotta is you will get a $20 bonus on the signup. They are the most trusted app and paid cashback amount of $68 million.

So whenever you are thinking about shopping then always look at the ibotta app or use the app while you are shopping to get the best deals. Ibotta works for both online shopping and in-store shopping.

8. Paribus

Paribus is also one of the best apps for saving money in the way of cashback but in a different way. When you signup on the paribus and purchase product they will scan you your purchasing details.

When there is a price drop in the product you will get the amount that how much price drops. Let's take an example that you purchase the product for $50 and after that, the price drops to $38 then you will earn a cashback of $12.

That's the very different way they paying cashback from other cashback sites. They will take 25% of your refund amount that they deserve.

You don't need to work hard for getting cashback and keep an eye on the price drop everything will be handle by paribus.

9. Checkout51

Checkout51 is a new app that will pay you cashback on the grocery shopping they are now becoming the favorite cashback site for the people who love cashback.

You can also use their app to scan the receipts of your shopping and make cashback they have also come with the cashback on the gas.

So from now, you can even save money on your gas so you don't need to put more money for the gas. getting cash back on the checkout51 is easy.

You just need to download the app and look for the offers on the groceries they add new offers every week for gas.

After that go to the stores or gas station and buy the thing that has an offer on the app. To earn cashback scan your receipt and make money.

10. Fetch Rewards

Fetch reward is a leading app that is giving rewards on grocery shopping. Whenever you shop groceries and scan receipt on fetch reward you will get points.

The app is easy to use you just have to scan your grocery receipt on fetch reward you will earn points every time appear on your receipt after that you can redeem your points for the hundreds of reward available.

More than 25 crore receipts are scan on the fetch reward till now the so many people are getting the benefit from the rewarding app.

You can save on thousands of products every day and make money in the form of points and withdraw that points for rewards.

11. Shopkick

Shopkick is a rewarding app that will reward you for shopping. You have to earn points they call it kicks and withdraw that kicks for the gift card.

You can earn that kicks for shopping online and as well as in-store and redeem that kicks for the gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, and others. 

They have paid $85 million to the Shopkick users in the gift card till now. You can earn that kicks in different ways.

You can earn kicks to walk into the select partner stores, scan barcodes, purchase products, and scan receipt, make an online purchase, watch videos.

12. Topcashback

This cashback site is providing services from so many years to the millions of members. They are serving from 2012 and the highest cashback provider.

They have 8 million-plus members so they are the best cashback provider and partner with so many retailers.

Getting cashback from this site is simple just signup for free on Topcashback. And look for the offers on products from 100's of retailers.

Then make the purchase of the product from your favorite retailers then you will get your cashback. You can receive this cashback through amazon pay and Paytm wallet.

13. Honey

If you are planning to shop online and want the best promo codes then you should use honey for that. Honey will find the best promo codes for you to get the best discounts.

Honey will take care of everything whether you are traveling, ordering pizza, or buying clothes don't overpay for this stuff.

You just have to install their extension and shop like normal then the honey will automatically find and apply the promo codes then you can save big.

Not only this honey will also provide you the notification for the price drop you just have to add that product on the droplist. When there is a drop in the price you will get notified.

14. Drop

The drop app is also a money-saving app that will reward you for shopping at your favorite brand. But in a different way, it will sync your credit and debit card.

Getting cashback on the drop is easy just download their app signup on that and shop like you do normally when there is cashback you will reward with the gift cards.

With credit and debit card it will track your purchase and when there is cashback it will send straight to you.

You can use an app whenever you are doing shopping, ordering foods, and booking tickets for traveling. The best part of this is you can earn points for every purchase you make and it will be added to your wallet fastly.

Redeem these points at places like Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix so go and download this app to save your money.

15. Dosh

Dosh is also the best cashback app that tracks your card transactions and sends the cashback to your dosh wallet.

Getting cashback on Dosh is easy just linked your card with dosh. Pay the bill at 1000's of store and restaurant with the card you linked and get the cashback in your Dosh wallet.

You can transfer this cash to your bank account or PayPal account. You can even donate that cash to the charity from the app.

You can even make money for referring the app to your friends. You will earn $5 for each signup and connect its cards and makes the purchase.

Apps That Make Money For Doing Gigs

The list which I have given the following will help you make money for doing the task or gigs. In this app, you will find money making apps and different jobs at their own flexible time so you can do that job part-time also. The people who are searching for the tasks and make money then you can use one of this list to find out the best job for you.

16. Taskrabbit

This app is for the taskers who loved to do handy work and want to make money. With Taskrabbit, you will find the different tasks in your area.

The jobs are included work like moving, Delivering, house cleaning, Tv mounting, and many other tasks.

You can use this handy skill to make money at your flexible time without leaving your job. You just have to make an account on Taskrabbit and add your services and charges.

Whenever who need this type of work to be done they will contact you through the app and you can do these simple tasks and make money.

The Taskrabbit will keep 15% of your tasks earning and send your profit when the task is done and submit to your invoice to the site.

17. Rover

This app is the best for pet lovers who love to play with the pet. With Rover, you can find the gigs related to dog sitting jobs.

Rover will connect you with the dog owners. When the owner will need sitting for their dog they will contact you through the app and you will get paid for this work.

The pet owner will pay you to do the pet sitting, get a dog on the walk, pick up and drop the pet for this owner of this service will pay you money.

With this type of side hustle, you can make $800-$1000. To get started with this side hustle you have create an account on Rover.

Tell the rover your love about the pets and choose the pet which you want to sit and add your availability time.

18. Uber

Ride the people around the city and make money for that service. The uber will allow you to ride the people who need to go from one destination to another.

With the Uber app, you can apply as a driver and make money. To drive for uber you will need a car, at least 18 years old.

The more requirement of Uber driver is a valid driver's license, proof of your residency in your city you will also need car documents.

If you don't have a car you can find the cars on their fleet partner but it will vary for the different cities. So just download this money making app and drive for uber.

19. Lyft

Lyft is also a ride-sharing app similar to the uber. Lyft will pay you money to drive the people from one destination to another.

This money making app is a little bit different from the uber you will get paid for each minute of every trip based on your per minute rate.

You will get paid based on the per-mile rate for every trip. When the passenger will give you a tip you can keep 100% of that tip This will allow you to increase your earning.

You can use more tools to increase your earning like real-time demand maps. In this, you will find more customer's demand and it will show by red hotspot on your phone map. 

To drive people around the city and make money download the Lyft app and signup as the driver and check the requirements.

20. Ubereats

Ubereats is launched by the company uber to deliver the foods at the doorstep who order the food online.

This app will help you make money by doing a work of driver for and deliver the food. With this money making app you can earn good money.

The requirements to become a driver for the Ubereats is you be at least 18 years old and have clear background screening.

The other documents you will need is a valid driving license, proof of residency, and vehicle documents.

Working with ubereats is simple whenever you receive the order on your phone app you just have to collect order and deliver it to the person who orders.  

21. Doordash

Doordash is also a food delivery app similar to ubereats. They are serving around 4000 cities in the U.S, Canada, and Australia.

This food delivery app is the best money making apps by working as a driver for delivering food they call them Dashers.

You can do this side hustle to build side money and become your own boss by choosing flexibility where and when you want to work.

To become a driver on doordash signup as dasher on the app when you get the approval you will start getting orders to deliver.

You will get your earning directly to your bank account each week and you can track your earning in the earning tab of the app.

22. HealthyWage

Getting paid for losing weight that reward is everyone likes. This money making app will pay you money for losing weight.

This is the best type of motivation to make money for doing exercise. HealthyWage is the app that will pay you money to lose weight.

You will lose your weight and make money at the same time. You have to set your goal on the HealthyWage app after you complete your goal you will receive your money.

You can calculate your prize on their app by setting the goal. You have to enter how much weight you want to lose and set the time you will need to lose weight then reach your goal and take your money.

Get Started Making Money With This App

So we have a present the list of money making app this high paying apps will let you build side income and pay off your debt.

Making money from home from the apps is just simple work and some of this list is contained home-based work and some are going out and complete the task.

As we have told you above saving money is the best way to make money there for my favorite from the list is Rakuten That is the best cashback app.

The one more I want to add in this list is Airbnb this will allowed you to rent out your space or room and make money. This app will help you pay your debt and get the freedom from worrying about money.

So download this app and make money right now and tell me in the comment section that which one you love from the list.

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