15 Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well In 2020

15 Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well In 2020

Work From Home Jobs

The work from home jobs is getting viral term in this digital world. The work from home type of jobs includes remote jobs that pay well without moving from home.

It can be a great way to build a passive income working from home. As so much of companies are letting their employees work from home to save the money on the transportation facility of their employees and on other things.

The well-known company amazon is also offering work from home you just have to search for work from home jobs on amazon.

Working from home can be your full-time job or part-time job like you are doing side hustle to make money online working from home.

If you are a mom or any person who is finding some work from home so we are come up with this list that includes legitimate work from home jobs.

The benefits of working from home included working in flexible time so you can give the time to your family, spending less on work clothing and less chance of getting stress and pressure to get complete work on time

The equipment you will need for this work from jobs is a laptop with high-speed internet connection and microphone. You will need more tools according to your type of job that I will explain down while briefing every online job.

1. Transcription jobs

This remote job is one the trending work from home jobs on the internet that lets you make up to $50 per hour.

In this type of job, you will need a laptop, internet connection, and microphone and then you are ready to make money working remotely working from home.

If you have a great skill of listening and typing first then this job is perfect for you because in this job you have to convert the audio files into text.

If you want to make money with this job and want to get proper training then I know about one course that will teach you to become a pro transcription. 

The Transcribe Anywhere is the course that makes you the best transcription. In this course you have to enroll in the free course after that you will get to know that this transcription job is fit for you or not.

Then you can get the proper training of transcription and find the best job of transcription for you. Below are some companies looking for transcriptions.

2. Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual assistant is a person who does administrative tasks working remotely from home. In this type of job, you have to do the work like content creation, social media management, and any other.

Let's take an example that you are working virtual assistant on Pinterest then you have to do the pin creation, pinning on Pinterest with proper keyword research. 

If you are an expert at a virtual assistant then you can earn up to $40 per hour. But if you don't have any experience and want to become a great virtual assistant then I know about one course.

The name of the course is 30 days or less to virtual assistant success from Horkeyhandbook that will give the best training to become a pro virtual assistant.

Below are the companies to get a virtual assistant job

3. Freelance Writer Jobs

Freelance writing jobs can be one of the best work from jobs for the content writers. If you love to write articles and can write enough words articles on a specific topic then this is the best job for you.

Getting freelance writing gigs is not easy at the beginning level at any freelancing site you have to send the proposal for that and the chances of accepting the proposal are 4/5. 

To become a pro freelance writer I will recommend you horkeyhandbook this course will help you become a pro freelance writer. The name of the course is 30 days or less to freelance writing success.  

You can make up to $8 to $10 per hour that's a great way to make money working from home. Below is the list that hires a freelance writer.

4. Proofreading Jobs

If you are good at English and know perfect English with great grammar experience then you can work as a proofreader.

So much of bloggers and website owners are in the search of a proofreader to find the mistakes from their content and correct it.

The average salary of the proofreader is $50000 per year. So this remote job can pay you great money just working from home.

If you don't have any experience and want to become pro in proofreading then Proofreadanywhere course is perfect for you.

You can also grab her 76 minutes workshop so you can get an idea of her course. Below is the list of the companies that are hiring a proofreader.

Don't forget to check out Grammarly when writing the post and doing proofreading that tool can help you write the best article for your blogs.

5. Website Testing Jobs

Website testing is one of the best jobs that we can do from home and get paid for testing websites and apps.

In this type of job, you can make $20-$60 per website test. You just have to test the website and have to give feedback about that website.

There are so many websites available on the web that pay you money to test website just sitting at home.

Below is the list of the website that gives you the opportunity to earn money for testing websites.

6. Data Entry Jobs

The data entry jobs are one of the easiest work from home jobs that don't require any experience. In this type of job you just have enter data in the excel file or in any other files.

Any person can start doing data entry from home to make money online. This is going to be the best remote job that pays good money.

You can get this job at any freelancer site. You can earn up to $10000-$30000 per year with this work from home job. Below are the companies that offer data entry jobs.

7. Tutor Jobs

If you have good skills in teaching English and have good knowledge of English then you can use this skill to make money working from home.

You will need a laptop, internet connection, and a microphone. You can earn up to $26 per hour with this remote jobs. It can be good jobs for the moms and the person who has free time to teach English to others.

This is a good idea of side hustle working from your comfort without going anywhere. There are so many companies that hire online teachers. Below are some trustable platforms to get this job.

8. Course Creator

If you have good knowledge of any skill that you can teach to others to make pro to them in that skill so you can create a course based on that topic.

Let take an example of Michell Gardner of are selling course name as makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing. She teaches this course to thousands of students and makes money online.

You can also sell these types of courses like how to increase traffic, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. You can sell these courses from your own blog or you can use the following platforms. 

9. Social Media Manager

The social media manager is one of the common work from home jobs that anyone can do. Many firms and social media stars are in the search of social media manager that can do their work on behalf of them.

The work included in this type of job is to post the content, create photos/graphics, manage messages that are important for them and reply on behalf of them and answer the questions of the customers. 

The average salary of the social media manager who has a great experience can make $30000 per year. That's a great way to add one more income stream working comfortably from home. 

To find this type of job you have to join some groups and keep active on them. The groups are included Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and you can also find it online searching on google. or find these jobs on following freelancing sites.

10. Web Developer Jobs

The web developer job is one of the most demanding jobs are in the tech industry that can make a ton of money working remotely from home.

To get these jobs in some companies will require prior experience and other companies will not require experience but you to get certified in this course.

There are two types in this job one is a web developer who takes care of backend programming with HTML, Javascript, CSS, and many other programming languages. 

Second is a web designer who designs your website to look elegant and arrange your layouts. You can do this work from home and make an average salary of $50000 per year if you have pro experience.

You can find these jobs on any freelancing site I have mentioned above. And if you want to learn web development you can use the following resources.

11. Blogging 

This is the best work from home that brings a ton of money. Blogging means sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world by creating a website or blog.

To start a blog like this one you have to get hosting so you can get this hosting from Bluehost at $2.99 With this, you will get a one-year free domain and SSL certificate so go and get this best web hosting. You will also get one-click WordPress installed.

The blogging industry is becoming bigger now the people do as full time and part-time also because this will help you build passive income.

Yes, its time taking but believe me it will worth doing. There are so many ways to make money from your blog like displaying ads, affiliate marketing, sponsor posts. You can also check 23 ways to monetize the blog and make money.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money working from home. For the people who don't know about affiliate marketing let me first clear that what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a program run by the companies and brands for the blogger and content creators. 

When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link then the company will pay you some commission.

There are so many companies that offer a big commission on a single purchase. So you can earn good money with this remote jobs. 

The earning capacity of this type of job is unlimited means you can earn small, as well as big money, depending on your niche and work.  

If you don't have any experience of how to earn money with the affiliate marketing then I will strongly recommend you purchase a course called makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing.

The creator of this course Michell is already earning $50000 per month from affiliate marketing and teaching 1000+ students to do the same. 

13. Start Youtube Channel

Starting a youtube channel can be a good idea for making money from home. The youtube included so many niches like vlogging and other is education. if you choose to vlog you have to get out of the house.

If you want to run your youtube from home your niche should be related to education like teaching blogging, doing challenging videoes, or selling recipes. 

The youtube has so many users base and every day millions of people watch videos on youtube so you can do this work from home and make money.

To make money with your youtube channel you have to monetize your channel with Google Adsense and you can also make money by doing affiliate marketing, selling merchandise. Also, check these youtube alternatives

14. Social Media Influencer

If you have a good number of followers on social media then you can make money by getting a sponsor for your post.

The amount you will get for the sponsored post will depend on the followers you have. There are four types of influencers.

  • Nano Influencer(100-1000 followers)
  • Micro (10000-100000followers)
  • Macro (100000-1M)
  • Mega (1M+)
The amount you will get for sponsored posts also depends on engagement rates. This can be a good idea for making money from home. As so many brands tend towards influencers for brand promotion to make big sales.

Below is the list of companies to get sponsored and if you don't have many followers so go and increase your follower and make money just from your home.

15. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the best way to make money sitting at your home. Let me first clear the term dropshipping.

In the dropshipping, you have to create your storefront with Shopify and drag product to your store and drive traffic when customer purchase through your store your supplier will deliver that product to your customer.

The best part about this is you don't have to keep inventory your all work will be from your laptop. You have to keep the price above the seller price. This means the price of the product is $30 so you have to set price $30+.

For example, you set a price of $50, and when the customer purchase product your seller will earn $30 and you will earn $20. So in this way, you can make money working from home.

Other Platform You can Find This Job

Following is the list where you can find these jobs these can make your work easier to find this type of job and make money.

How To Stay Away From Work From Home Jobs Scams

In the web industry there is an increase in work from home jobs there are also increasing scams in these types of remote jobs. 

And it's hard to find the legit jobs and how to find these scams. So here when you are going to find the work from home jobs you should first detail research about that company.

Look at their job boards how many jobs are listed their if there is a lack of jobs then it could be chances of it is a scam.

Find the reviews about their company the more positive reviews mean you can trust that company so do the detailed research of that company.

If the company is asking to pay some money to get that work so just stay away from that company because no one company is asking for payment to get the jobs.

Final Thoughts 

So here we have a present list of 15 work from home jobs to make money working remotely from home.

So many people are doing this work part-time and full time also. This remote jobs can pay you good money if you do it in the proper way.

So don't miss the chance of making money by getting one of this job from the above list and do it as a side hustle.

If you have skills in this type of job or want to get that skill you can get the courses of their jobs respectively I have given in each type.

To make more money from home you can answer the survey on Swagbucks and Survey junkie this is also one of the great work from home jobs.

Tell me in the comment section which works from the home job are you doing or going to do and don't forget to share this post and subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest post updates and more work from home jobs.

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